Bonnyrigg is a lovely town found in Midlothian, Scotland. It has a small population that’s been growing for the past 15 years. With so many gorgeous houses and lots of attractive things to do, this comes as no surprise at all. So, if you want to settle down in a small Scottish town, allow us to do all the work for you. We go to the effort of learning about our locations, so you know exactly what to expect if you look for property there.

About Bonnyrigg

You’ll find the town of Bonnyrigg a short eight miles southeast of downtown Edinburgh. There are plenty of public transport links, making it a popular place for people that work in the capital city. It’s an old mining town, and those times are remembered in the nearby Scottish Mining Museum. You’ll also find a number of schools there that are perfect for young children to attend. Bonnyrigg carries a lot of history and character, which is reflected in the properties for sale.

Types Of Property

In Bonnyrigg, you can expect to choose from a variety of different properties. These range from small two bedroom flats to detached houses with many rooms. A lot of the houses for sale are fairly modern looking new-builds. They’re ideal for a modern family that wants to experience a quiet life in a small Scottish town. But, there are also some grand old buildings that look like they’ve been around for decades. One thing remains the same, all the houses in Bonnyrigg are stunning. Whether you enjoy modern architecture, or something a little bit more traditional, you’ll find it here. In addition to this, there are even a few quaint little cottages on the market that might attract your interest too.

Average Property Prices

If the thought of living in Bonnyrigg appeals to you, then you’ll want to know the average property price. Recent figures from various estate agents put the price range between £100,000 and £420,000. It’s found that the average price paid is £193,230. As you can see, there’s a variety of properties for sale at competitive prices. It’s thought that many people are willing to pay a top-price for property in this area, as it becomes more and more popular. Many of the properties come with excellent living space and a well-sized garden as well. Bonnyrigg is one of the best towns in Scotland regarding value for money with property prices.

Things To Do In Bonnyrigg

Although it’s a small town, life in Bonnyrigg is far from boring. You’ll be able to enjoy lots of green, open, spaces that are full of wildlife and nature. Golf lovers can feel safe in the knowledge that there’s a fantastic course nearby. If life ever gets stressful for you in Bonnyrigg, then the brilliant Dalhousie Castle Spa will sort you right out. Children will enjoy the great outdoors and play in the spacious fields that are perfect for sports. If you ever fancy dining out, then there are plenty of gorgeous restaurants for you to choose from too.

Properties in Bonnyrigg

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